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 This morning I received an email from my Kuwaiti friend Hashem.  “How’s life and what have you been up to since we last spoke?” he asked. I had to think hard. I took my diary and looked up when I had last seen Hashem. We had a coffee together at the Columbus Cafe in Salmiya in Kuwait on 16 October.

16 October?! Has it been that long?!?! Since then I had been in and out of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Belgium, Brussels and London, signed some contracts, celebrated my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary and my dad’s 65th birthday, published the second edition of “The Business Survival Guide (because it’s a jungle out there)” and become a British Business Forum Excellence Award Winner 2010.

I sighed. What was I going to include in my email to Hashem? I needed to find an answer to the “what have you been up to” question!

The first person to mention a blog was David Davenport, my good friend in Bahrain. Over an authentic Maroccan cup of tea  David asked me if my book had a blog. A blog?!?! A book has a blog?!?! I am new to the Author/Publisher world so I was intrigued. The only blog I have ever read was Piers Mudd’s about Afghanistan.

Two weeks ago I met up with the Linkedin Bahrain meet-up group for coffee at the Gulf Hotel. We discussed Linkedin, blogs and Twitter. Abid Patel was kind enough to send me youtube links explaining their use. The day after I met up with Jamal Abu-Hulaigah, founder of the group at Seef’s La Chocolat. He advised me to put my personality into a blog.

So here I am, sitting at Bocadillo’s next to the Dubai Mall’s giant aquarium, writing my first blog. My solution to the “what have you been up to” problem. If you know me, you know what to expect: lots of funny, adventurous, interesting, dangerous and sometimes even sad stories. So then, are you ready for the ride?

An Swinnen

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