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I smiled when I saw the poster on the Kuwait English School (KES) career office door. It had my picture and the caption “Kuwait Business Woman of the Year”, a title I don’t deserve but it gave the students a general idea of who I am. I would like to thank Mary Eckersall for coming up with the creative caption and organising my visit.

Mr Muhmood, the KES General Manager had invited me to speak about business to the 14 and 15-year old students who will have to make their study choices very soon and the students who study business studies.

Some of the students

I promised them to return with an exciting “The Apprentice” style business competition where I set them a task. The winner(s) could put their plan in action, win a prize and get a lot of publicity as we would get the media involved. It was lovely to see the excitement and eagerness of young entrepreneurs who would like to get started straight away.

Mr and Mrs Muhmood also invited me to the Junior Disney evening and the Japanese tsunami charity music evening. What a joy to see young people pull together as a team after months of hard work. My hat off to all the students, parents, teachers and volunteers who dedicated their time to make these two events a success. A wonderful example of team work and leadership!


An Swinnen

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