And some more tips …


  1.  Allow plenty of time for preparation. The more you prepare, the less nervous you will be.
  2. Check the equipment before you start your presentation.
  3. Structure your presentation into introduction, body, conclusion and questions.
  4. Use simple language and speak slowly and clearly.
  5. Establish a relationship with the audience through eye contact and asking questions.



New Year Resolutions


I wish you all a fantastic 2012 filled with good health, love and friendship. We all make New Year resolutions and find that in the middle of January we have already given up.

To help and give you that little push, I am giving away free top tips and cartoons of “The Business Survival Guide (because it’s a jungle out there)” throughout January on this blog and my Facebook page.

So here goes: the first top tips are on communication skills:

Communication Skills

  1. Speak slowly and clearly.
  2. Do not use complicated words or words only used in your company.
  3. Do not rely on spoken communication if you want to give a group of people the same information because the content will change from person to person. Send an email, letter or memo instead.
  4. If you are not sure if you understood the message, ask for repetition or ask for an explanation.
  5. Do not be afraid to ask for clarification several times. Do not stop until you have understood because the consequences could be terrible (dangerous situations, missed flight, wrong medication, …).


  On 1 December 2011 Ghalia Club and BPW Kuwait organised a conference on the  UN 7 principles of women empowerment at the Global Investment House in Kuwait.

I presented the principles and with the help of Hind Al-Nahedh of Ghalia Club and Najat AlHashash of BPW Kuwait we turned the very general principles into real up-to-date examples of Kuwait and the world.

The audience commented and discussed with the panel throughout the conference which turned the session into a very interactive exchange of views. Everyone was happy with the outcome that Kuwait is already implementing many of the principles. A very worthwhile conference!

An Swinnen

The photo says it all!

On 28, 29 and 30 November I was fortunate enough to meet 25 budding women entrepreneurs in Kuwait. BPW Kuwait organised a workshop for women who were thinking about setting up a company or who had just done so.

We discussed how to set and achieve goals, manage  time, sources of support and funding and emarketing.

We had a fantastic 3 days with a lot of discussion, real-life examples, trouble shooting sessions and laughter. As you can see, the photo says it all!

An Swinnen


I am very proud and pleased to announce that BECS was awarded three contracts to deliver “Dealing with Change”, “Advanced Negotiation Skills” and “Strategic Planning” for Kuwait Petroleum Corporation this school year.

I was in Kuwait last week to deliver the first of seven “Dealing with Change” courses and it was wonderful to be back at the Petroleum Training Centre in Ahmadi and the Crowne Plaza in Farwaniyah. I was welcomed as a long-lost sister.

Unfortunately I could only stay for one week and I have still so many friends to meet up with after a long summer. I will be back in Kuwait on 16 October and back in Bahrain on 30 October for one week.

Kuwait Sunset May 2011

I am looking forward to being in Kuwait on a monthly basis. Not just to deliver training at KPC, but also to work with Business and Professional Women Kuwait, Kuwait Economic Society, British Business Forum, Arab Open University, the British schools in the Gulf, Bahrain Training Institute and BIBF .

I am looking forward to coffees, lunches, dinners, meetings with friends on sunny terraces in a lovely part of the world.
See you soon!
An Swinnen

We have moved!

I am really pleased to let you know that we have moved to bigger premises on the English Riviera. We now have our own base instead of rented offices. This has taken me on an exciting journey filled with building surveyors, solicitors, builders, painters, electricians, plumbers and removal men.

It is lovely to see so many friendly faces coming in to see us in our new home. Thank you for all the cards, flowers and presents. Please, keep on visiting. You are all very welcome.

An Swinnen

Have you ever googled your name to see what comes up? Go on … try it. I went from five entries to two pages within a few months. How did I do this? Simple! I started using social media to increase my visibility in the market. Here are some pointers:

  1. Linkedin, Facebook, Blogs and Twitter are all free at the basic level (you can pay to upgrade your LinkedIn account). They are all linked to Google and other search engines, so use them for some free marketing.
  2. You need to control and protect your professional image when you use these media, so be careful with Facebook. Others can easily add embarrassing comments and photos, or spread rumours and lies.
  3. Do not overdo it. Your contacts will delete you if the only posts or comments they see are yours. It also means that you don’t have anything better to do!

On 24 May I will be speaking at the “Women in Business and Social Media” conference at the Movenpick in Kuwait. You are very welcome to attend as the event is open and free to all. Aso look out for my Dispatches article on social media which will be on our website  www.becsltd.com once it is published.

Now go and have some fun with social media!

An Swinnen